Dinh Y Nhi

Work of art Biography

                                                         DINH Y NHI

1967:                   Born in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1989:                   Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University.



                               Member of Hanoi Fine Art Association.

                               Member of Vietnam Fine Art Association.




1994:          Solo Exhibition,  Hanoi, Vietnam.

1997:          Solo Exhibition,  Mai Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.

1999:          Solo Exhibition, Canvas International Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

                    Solo Exhibition, Goethe Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2001:          Solo Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand.

2003:          Solo Exhibition “The Inner World of Dinh Y Nhi”, Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2005:          Solo Exhibition, Shanghai, China.

2009:          Solo Exhibition “Security”, Thaivibu  Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.


1990:          National Fine Arts  Exhibition , Hanoi, Vietnam.

1992:          “Four Artists  Exhibition”  at  L’Alliance  Francaise, Hanoi, Vietnam.

1993:          “Asian Art Exhibition”, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1995:          “Six Contemporary Artists of Vietnam” , Portside Gallery, Yokohama, Japan.

                    “Vietnamese Contemporary Art”,  Itoyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

                    International Art Workshop content in Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California, USA.

                    “An Ocean Apart”  by Smitsonian Travelling Exhibition Services, USA.

                    Three Female Artists”, Hanoi, Vietnam

                    National Fine Art Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam.            

1996:          Art of Vietnam Today”, Fujita Museum, Japan.

1997:          Group Exhibition, Center Wallonie – Bruxelles, Paris, France.

                    “A Winding River”, Meridian International Center, Washington DC, USA.

                     Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

                     “Cultural Exchange Representation: Vietnamese New Painting”, Hathamalay Gallery, 

                      Bangkok,   Thailand.

1998:            “A Century of Vietnamese Modern Art” -  European Union Tour.

                      Group Exhibition, Busan Art Museum, Busan, Korea.

                      Group Exhibition, Bassano Del Grappa art Museum, Vicenza, Italia.

                      Group Exhibition, City Museum, Paris, France.

1999:            Group Exhibition, Asian Fine Art, Berlin, Germany.

                      Group Exhibition, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines.

                      Group Exhibition, “Frankfurt Arts”, Frankfurt, Germany.

2000:           “Gallactica” Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam.

                     “Vietnamese Contemporary Painting”, Oslo, Norway.

                     “Vietnamese Painting”, USA.

                     “A New Look of Vietnam”, Bassano Del Grappa Museum, Vicenza, Italia.

                     “Vietnamese Art”,  Forum Schools Platz,  Aarau, Switzerland.                 

2002:          “In memory, the Art of afterward”, Sidney Mishkin Gallery,  New York, USA.

                     “Vietnam Art Actual”, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada.

2006:           “Artists from Vietnam”, Mumbai, India.

2008:           Group Exhibition Changing Identities”, Utah Museum of Fine Art, Salt Lake City, USA

2010:           Group Exhibition “Portrait”, Apricot Gallery UK, Mayfair, London.



The Singapore’s National Museum Art Gallery.

National art Gallery of Malaysia.