Hoang Duc Dung

Work of art Biography

Hoang Duc Dung


1971:            Born in Hanoi, Vietnam.


1998:            Graduated from Vietnam  University of Fine Arts


2009:            Graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts -  MA’s Degree


Presently:     Lecturer at the National University of Art Education.






2001:            Exhibition at Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong


2007:           “Peaceful Moment” Exhibition at Apricot Gallery, 50-52 Mac Thi Buoi Str , Ho Chi Minh City,



2008:           “Model” Exhibition  at Thanh Mai Gallery, 52 Dong Khoi  Str, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.




1997:           “Capital Fine Arts ” Exhibition at Exhibition House by Vietnam Fine Arts Association,

                   16 Ngo Quyen Str, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “Spring” Exhibition in Center for Fine Art Introduction and Exchange at 43 Trang Tien –

                   Hanoi, Vietnam.


1999:           “Seven young Artists” Exhibition at Exhibition Convention, 29 Hang Bai Str, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “Group Show by Teachers” Exhibition at National College for Music and Painting Teachers

                   (currently National University of Art Education), Hanoi, Vietnam.


2000:           “Asian Art Exhibition” Exhibition at Van Ho Exhibition Hall, Hoa Lu Str, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “Opening” Exhibition at Opera Gallery, 24 Trang Tien str., Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “Paintings and Sculptures” Exhibition of Hanoi Artists Club at Culture House of Hanoi, 

                   88 Hang Buom str, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “Paintings and Photographs” Exhibition  at Press Club, 59A Ly Thai To Str, Hanoi, Vietnam.


2002:           “Hanoi- A Two Men Show” Exhibition  at Kings Road Gallery, London, United Kingdom.


2003:           “Asiatique” Exhibition at Kings Road Gallery, London, United Kingdom.


2005:           “Illusions” Exhibition at Kings Road Gallery, United Kingdom.


2006:           “II Drago e la Farfalla” Exhibition at Vittoriano Museum, Roma, Italy.


2010:           Exhibition at JIA MODERNE in Boston Design Center, Boston, USA.


                   “Poetry of the Motherland” Exhibition at Apricot Gallery, London, UK.