Hong Viet Dung

Work of art Biography



1962:           Born in Hanoi.


1975-79:      Studied at Pham Viet Song’s Painting Studio.


1984:           Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University.


                   Member of the Vietnam Plastic Art Association.


                   Member of Literature and Art Association.


                   Member of “Gang of Five”.




1994:           Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam.


1995:           Exhibition at Substation Gallery, Singapore.


1997:           “Corner of Tranquility” Exhibition ,Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “Realm of Enchantment” Exhibition  at Plum Blooms Gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore.


2002:           “New Works”, Exhibition at Rotunda, Exchange Square, Hong Kong.


2007:           “A Tranquil Path” Exhibition at the Red Gallery, Dubai, UAE.


2011:           “Peaceful Moment” Exhibition at Apricot Gallery, London, UK.



1988:           “Young Artists” Exhibition in USSR.


1990:           “National Fine Art Exhibition”  Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “The Gang of Five” Exhibition  by Five artists, Hanoi, Vietnam.


1991:           Painting Exhibition by Five artists, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


1993:           “Gang of Five” Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.


1994:           Exhibition by Five artists at Turtle Key Arts Centre, London, UK.


1996:           “Gang of Five” Exhibition  at La Vong Gallery, Hong Kong.


                   “Rural Poetry” Exhibition at Cicada Gallery, Singapore.


                   Exhibition at Fujita Vente Art, Japan.


1997:           “Vietnamese Young Artist” Exhibition at  Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris, France.


                   “Winding River - The Journey of Contemporary Art in VietnamExhibition at  


                   Meridian International Centre, Washington D.C, USA.


                   Exhibition at Europe Art, Geneva, Switzerland.


                   “Asian Masterworks” Exhibition at  Palace of the Golden Horses – Mines Resort,

                   Kuala, Malaysia.


1998:           Exhibition by 3 Vietnamese Artists for Vietnamese Children’s charities at the

                   Gallery in Cork Street, London, UK.


                   “Vietnam’s 20th Century: Plastic and Visual Arts from 1925 to Our Time” Exhibition,

                   Brusells, Belgium.


1999:          “Reflection of Vietnam” Exhibition at Woolloomooloo Gallery, Sydney, Australia.


2000:          “Europe’ Art Geneva” International Art Fair, Geneva, Switzerland.


                  Exhibition at Europe’ Art 2000, Barcelona, Spain.


2001:          “Separate Paths” Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                  “Vietnam Inspiration” Exhibition in Santa Barbara, USA.


2002:           “Where the Rivers Meet” Exhibition at the Vietnamese Cultural Festival, Luxembourg

                   and continued at “Libre de Bruxelless” University, Brussels, Belgium.                     


2004:           “Asiatique” Exhibition at Kings Road Gallery, UK.


2005:           “A Vision of Vietnam” Exhibition at Kings Road Gallery, UK.


2006:           “Impression & Expressions” Exhibition of Vietnamese Contemporary Paintings,


                   “Modern Art”Exhibition at CEAE, Hanoi, Vietnam.


2008:           “Spiritual Spaces” Exhibition , Bangkok, Thailand.


2010:           “Genesis” Exhibition at Apricot Gallery , London, UK.




                   Vietnam Fine Art Museum.


                   Singapore  Fine Art Museum .


                   HRH The Duke of York.