Nguyen Van Cuong

Work of art Biography

Nguyen Van Cuong


1976:                     Born in Bac Giang, Vietnam.

1992-1995:             Fine Art Teacher’s College in Bac Giang Province.

1999:                     Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University.

                             Awarded Top Student of the Year Prize.

  2007:                   Master of Fine Arts.

 Presently:             Lecturer at the National College of Music and Painting.                 




1996:                      Group show for Propaganda Paintings and first Prize for Propaganda Paintings.

1997:                      Group show held by Hanoi Fine Art University.

1998:                      “Hanoi’s Young Painters” Group show held by Hanoi Fine Art Association.

2000:                      Group show of the three Asian Fine Art Universities of Vietnam, Japan and

                              Thailand in Japan.

                              “National Fine Arts Exhibition”, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2001:                      Group show, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2002:                      Group show, Seoul, Korea.

                              “Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition” held by Hanoi Fine Arts Association, Hanoi,


2005:                      “National Fine Arts Exhibition”, Hanoi, Vietnam.

                              2nd Prize in the National Fine Art Exhibition, Vietnam Lecturer at the National

                              College of Music and Painting, Vietnam Selected Exhibitions.

2010:                      Group show  at Riven Gallery, London, UK.

                              “National Fine Arts Exhibition”, Hanoi, Vietnam.

                              “Asian Art Link” Group show, Manila, Philippines.

                              “Malaysian –Vietnamese Contemporary Art” Group show, Mutiana Gallery,

                              Penang, Malaysia.

2011:                     “Nguyen Van Cuong and Ngo Van Cuong” Two man show at Viet Art Center,

                             Hanoi, Vietnam.

                             “Moving on” Group Exhibition at Apricot Gallery, London, UK.

2012:                     “The make – up Faces”, Solo Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi,


2013:                     Exhibition Palm Beach, Florida, GB- AiBo Asian Art Exhibition Art Wynwood,

                             Miami, Florida, GB-AiBo Asian Art


                             First Prize for Propaganda Paintings Contest 1996.

                             Second Prize for National Fine Arts Exhibition 2005.