Thanh Chuong

Work of art Biography

                                                                THANH CHUONG


 1948:          Born in Bac Ninh, Vietnam.


                     Began painting from the age of 7 (with the painting “A big cock” won the gold prize in

                     Painting Competition of International Children).


1960:          Entered the Hanoi Fine Arts College – Hanoi.


1966:          Joined the army in military engineering forces.


                    Participated in the Battlefield of Central part, Laos, Central Highlands


1974:          Worked as painter for Thong Nhat Journal.


1975 onwards: Worked as main painter for Van Nghe Weekly (Literature & Art weekly Magazine).






 1995:          Exhibition at the Red River Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.


1997:          “Thanh Chuong’s painting” Group exhibition, Vietnam Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


1999:          “The lacquer World of Thanh Chuong” Group exhibition, Gallery Nam Son, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                    “Thanh Chuong’s Lacquer Painting” Group exhibition, Gallery Art U Osaka, Japan.


2006:          “Consulate of Vietnam” Exhibition, San Francisco, USA.


2008:          “The World of Thanh Chuong” Exhibition, Red Gallery, Dubai, UAE.




 1956:          The first work “Alluber Cock “ Gold  Prize in painting Competition Of


                     International Children, England.


 1973:          Fine Arts Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam.


1974:          Exhibition of Illustration for Publication in Hanoi, Vietnam.


1985:          National Fine Arts group exhibition


1987:          “Hanoi’s Painting” Group exhibition, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam


1988:          “Hanoi Painting” Group exhibition, Hanoi Fine Arts Museum, Vietnam


1994:          “Asian Art painting” Group exhibition in Hong Kong .


1995:          Exhibition of “Vietnamese Contemporary Art “ at Royal College of Art, London, UK


                   “Vietnam Open” Group exhibition, Scandinavian Center Arhus, Copenhagen, Denmark.


                    Group exhibition at Yokohama Port Side Gallery, Yokohama, Japan


1996:         “Hanoi paintings” Group exhibition at Center of Introduction and Change for Arts, Hanoi, 


                    “Hanoi’s ten artists” Group exhibition, Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi.


1997:          “A Moment from Hanoi” Group exhibition, Duc Minh Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


                    “The changing face of Hanoi” Group Exhibition, Hong Kong.


                   “Aspiration” Group exhibition, Daewoo Hotel & Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.


                   “Vietnamese Sensibility” Group exhibition, Hien Minh Gallery & Soobin Art Gallery,



                   “Gold Paintbrush” Group exhibition, Faber Foundation – Castell, Ho Chi Minh City,



                   “Nostalgia” Group exhibition, Sofitel Metropole Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam.


1997:         “De Schilderkunst Vietnam” Group exhibition, Christie’s, Netherlands.


                   “A new morning” Group exhibition, Hanoi Fine Art College, Vietnam.


                   “Contemporary Art In Hanoi” Group exhibition, Osaka, Japan.


1998:         “With Heart & Soul & Mind” New World Arts Center ( Soho) New York, USA.


                   “Vision from Hanoi” Group exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


                   “Vietnamese Sensibility” Group exhibition, Germany.


                   “ Five Contemporary Vietnamese Painters” Group exhibition, Vinh Loi Gallery,

                   HCM City,  Vietnam.


1999:          “A Celebration of Life” Group exhibition, London, England.


                    “The Exhibition of International” Group exhibition, Korea.


                   “The color of Vietnam” Group exhibition, New World Hotel, Gallery Vinh Loi,

                    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


                   “The 4th Vietnamese Contemporary Art” Group exhibition, Gallery Art U, Osaka, Japan.


                   “Two Contemporary Vietnamese Artists” Group exhibition, Takamasu and Kioto, Japan.


2001:          Painting “Love” was chosen by the United Nation to make stamp and symbol for the

                    Year Volunteers.


                    “A vision of Vietnam ” Group exhibition, Kings Road Gallery, London, UK.


                   “Vietnam Inspiration” Group Exhibition, Kim 3 International Furnishings,

                    Santa Barbara, USA


2002:          Group Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.


                    Group Exhibition in Belgium.


2006:          “II Drago e la Farfalla” Group exhibition in Victoria Museum, Italy.


                    “Spirits and Stories” Group exhibition, Gascoigne Gallery, UK.


                    “Impressions & Expressions” Vietnamese Contemporary Paintings group exhibition,



                     Completed the biggest artworks- an installation, live Museum  named “Thanh Chuong’s

                     Vietnamese Art Soul “.


2007:          “Good morning Vietnam, Good morning Korea” Group exhibition, Samsung Cultural

                     Exchange Centre, Seoul, Korea.




1973:          3rd Class prize of Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition


1974:          Prize of International Graphics in Czechoslovakia (Copper medal )


1980:          Awarded 1st class prize for illustrations by Van Nghe the Literature and Art Magazine


1984:          Awarded 1st class prize for illustrations by Van Nghe the Literature and Art Magazine


1988:          Awarded 1st class prize for illustrations by Van Nghe the Literature and Art Magazine.


1994:          2nd class prize of National Graphics at the Vietnam Plastic Artist Association.


2001:          The Prize Award from United Nations, one of six international Artists to be chosen for

                     International stamp.




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